G Season 5: Ibuki then performs a Legion using Break Down and proceeds to attack Chrono. In the movie, after being manipulated and controlled by Oksizz, he had an ability to delete vanguard units, but he lost this ability after being defeated by Kai and Aichi. As Kai confronted Ibuki, Aichi arrived with the freshly revived Blaster Blade and together Aichi and Kai fought Ibuki 2 on 1. Ibuki still needs to gather his party, use dragon powers, and take back his kingdom, so of course there’s all that plot stuff that have yet to unfold. Misaki and Shingo step up to him and told him to back off. However, Kamui still expresses his distrust towards him and warns him that he will take action if his plans put any of his friends in danger. He entrusted Ibuki with the mission of ensuring Chrono would become strong enough to stop Ryuzu. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ibuki Kōji I’m looking more to thematic elements, though. Character Information Invaders of the West, Kouran, occupies a third of this island. She thought that the Red Dragon went on a rampage for her, but she was the one who made the Red Dragon angered. Its crazed rage changes the world situation. Ibuki ran into Chrono at the United Sanctuary and brought Chrono to his office. Chrono whom was not upset and told Ibuki he had accepted what Ibuki has done and acknowledged him. AB Chrono and Ibuki however was led directly at Ryuzu to discuss some things. As the fight goes on, Kamui was shocked to learn that Link Joker can also unlock any locked unit. For those without subscriptions however, below are two links to websites streaming free episodes of "Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Seneki" online. Manga: Gender: Kouji Ibuki is a character originally from the Cardfight!! At this point, no one knew what happens after this encounter. When he was younger, he had short length hair with his bangs covering his right eye. He is a beige colored dragon with red accents, markings, and stylized wings. In the movie, he was shown to be a highly athletic fighter. Ibuki then wants Chrono to stay in the second stage of the U20 and would need his help when the time arises. He then was defeated once again by Chrono. Price: US $16.00. V Booster Set 12: Divine Lightning Radiance, V Booster Set 11: Storm of the Blue Cavalry. Even the start of what is supposed to be an epic battle between Ibuki and … The epic tale of Ibuki and Red Dragon has begun. Generally kind and gentle, he appeared weak to others. Later that day, they've confronted one of the association's traitor, Satoru Enishi with Rummy Labyrinth as his back ups. Enemies Ibuki, who was behind them, spoke out a question to Aichi about Blaster Blade. Later, he is seen doing the same to Kyou and the Spike Brothers. First Appearances After some events, Ibuki then reveals his trump card judging the destiny that Chrono has. Unfortunately, both had to end their fight and resume what they are doing when the light gone back up. Chara Sleeve Collection Matte Series Chaos Dragon Ibuki (No.MT168) Movic (3.4931) 760yen. G Season 4: He is also a sponsor of the Under20 championship. By Vanguard G, he has gained a more casual and friendlier personality, especially when around Mamoru Anjou, though he still retains a slight bit of coldness when around Chrono Shindou. He then revealed the true enemy that they should be worried about, Ryuzu Myoujin in which case was his motive to join the Vanguard Association which is to get close to the association in order to bring down his, Rive's and Vanguard's nemesis .It was also revealed that Ibuki was the mysterious person who was giving Chrono the Gear Chronicle cards,. Despite Ibuki using his delete skill, Aichi won them the game with Harmonics Messiah. Kai was sleeping on the park bench when Miwa approached him with another person. When he was younger, he had short length hair with his bangs covering his right eye. Kai surprised him by using Blaster Blade Burst which won him the match. Having four legs gives them the speed advantage against other large creatures like giants (slow tw… After knowing where Chrono and Ryuzu whereabouts, Ibuki along with Shion, Tokoha and Kamui where on the journey to that place but was interrupted by the Company Members. He also wears a gorget under his coat - this would eventually have a vertical cut scored across it in a cardfight with Chrono Shindou. Spite that Chrono have won his fight against a legend, Ibuki then tests Chrono if he's worth it to take up the new challenge which to take down the biggest menace that threatens vanguard and earth itself. G Season 1 & 2: 20G Season 3: 21G Season 4: 22 Amazon.com: Home Decor Anime Chaos Dragon Ibuki Wall Scroll Poster Fabric Painting 23.6*35.4 inch N1 5: Posters & Prints Before Aichi wakes up, Ibuki tells Aichi to disappear and attacks him. He once again asked Aichi on whether he has Blaster Blade or not. Chrono then proceeds to Stride his Interdimensional Dragon, Mystery-flare Dragon, but unfortunately, the strain is too much for the G.I.A. Ibuki also revealed he had been watching Chrono progress and sometimes test his strenght directly. Copyright © TOHO CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. He walked away from the group with a sour note. Ibuki proceeded to lock Ryuzu rearguards with Flageolet Messiah while Ryuzu was trying to bind 12 cards in the bind zone to use Deus Ex Machina, Demurge skill. An investigative party of Red Dragon is formed across the border, and the chosen ones from the nations gather to pacify at all cost the Red Dragon. Vanguard G: Z, he discards the black glove. After Ibuki revealed the true enemy to Chrono, he wasted no time in gathering all of his comrades which were mostly characters from the orignal series. Dragon Ogres are immune to any attack that contains electricity in it, such that it even gives them power. Genesis Dragon, Flageolet Messiah Ibuki (Chaos Dragon) is a character from Chaos Dragon. Vanguard. As they fell asleep, Ibuki was not affected as he dashed into the Stride Gate and confronted Ryuzu. Vanguard Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Akira Itou revealed in a manga extra that Kouji Ibuki likes portable food like, Kouji Ibuki's twitter account can be found at. Ibuki later participated in Card Capital 2 tournament and fought Chrono, it is unknown who won. Chrono then tries to win the next turn but Ibuki blocked his attacks. Now that he is older, he has become colder and more reserved. Offers Ibuki Sword from Chaos Dragon with special discount 40% off. It caught Tetsu off guard on what is happening. Item Information. Vanguard G: NEXT, he wears a black glove up his right hand, while in Cardfight!! Movie: Link JokerG Season 1: Kagero (Episode 3)Link Joker