This is necessary, even if you're just looking to get through the campaign, because you need mountains of cash to buy the various upgrades that you'll need to survive later in the game. We only wish there were a bit more personality in X3. X3 Reunion: Review. I'm new to this game and I'm needing a little advice. X3 Reunion: Review February 8, 2007 12:00:38 PM from Sins of a Solar Empire Forums Ok just got this game last week and i want to write a review, since we are all into space games (or most of us should be) i thought this game would be nice to show around. The economy of X³: Reunion will be more complex than anything seen in the X-universe before. They also make your shopping experience a little easier by showing you items that you recently viewed. For instance, you can call up a navigational map of the known universe, but if you want to chart a course to a specific sector, you have to drop into a different navigational map to do so. This is one reunion you're going to enjoy. X3 Reunion. The bad: V complex and v.slow. The economy of X³: Reunion will be more complex than anything seen in the X-universe before. This game has been made by Egosoft and published by Enlight Software at Nov 10, 2005. 1 POSTED: 8 Jul 2009 14:46. With Alex Golding, Andy Walsh, Ben de Halpert, William Hope. The same seems true at times with X3: Reunion. X3: Reunion Summary : The sequel to the space combat/trading game reconstructs the series with a gameplay and graphics to deliver a more immersive, living universe. Though space is an empty void, the folks at Egosoft have managed to make it look downright beautiful, and you'll fly through sectors admiring the many intricate and complex space stations as well as the photo-realistic planets and more. Like the action in the previous games in the series, X3's action happens entirely from the cockpit of your ship (aside from the occasional extravehicular jaunt in your space suit), so you never get a chance to see the inside of any of these marvelous stations. X3: Reunion Summary : The sequel to the space combat/trading game reconstructs the series with a gameplay and graphics to deliver a more immersive, living universe. However, the game does experience a few performance hitches, even on high-end machines. 3.7 out of 5. 3.7 out of 5 stars. Gorgeous, stunning graphics and beautiful ship and station designs, Huge, wide-open universe that you can explore, The single-player story lacks structure and drifts along, Complex game to learn and pick up, and you'll need lots of patience. Still, for what it is, X3 is easily one of the prettiest games to date, as well as an impressive, though dry, achievement. Apart from the grandeur of flying around some really impressive galactic scenery, there's very little sense of emotion in X3. Rate: 68% /100. From time to time, they will even show you discounted prices on X3 Reunion Ships that you previously expressed an interest in. There's a realistic metallic sheen to ships and stations, as well as some fancy lighting and shadowing to really hammer in the illusion. You can for go the story all together and just trade and become rich, or you can guard cargo... Read Full Review, i love good trading games with some other stuff mixing in it to make it not just trade trade trade that said . Home Reviews X3 – Reunion – PC – Review. Most of the time in X3 will instead be spent simply flying around, looking for missions, and buying and trading goods. Apex Legends Kings Canyon Map Returns Alongside The Mirage Voyage, NBA Jam Documentary In The Works, Will Bring The Boomshakalaka, PS5 Restock Updates: Check Latest Stock, Updates, And More. The war with the mysterious Khaak still rages at the borders of Argon space, where the weakened defending forces try to stop the expanding invasion. X3: Reunion Review. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. This was the most amazing, time consuming, enjo... Read Full Review, Stay away from this garbage. on November 30, 2005 at 5:14PM PST. The X3 series is the "Master of Orion" or the "Elder Scrolls" of the galactic combat/trading genre. Sadly, the sound effects and voice acting are nowhere near the quality of the graphics; they're fairly generic for the most part, and much of the voice work is pieced together much like the automated response that you get when you call tech support or your bank. Sadly, I was very disappoin... Read Full Review, Aah the X series of games.Designed for those snob mates of yours who flew through school and show off their intelligence like a neon sign on their forehead.This game is the same.Don't even begin to try to play this unles... Read Full Review, This is my first game in the series and wow i am blown away. February 8, 2007 12:00:38 PM from Sins of a Solar Empire Forums. Developed by Egosoft and ported to the Mac by VP using Cider technology, it is the long awaited sequel to X2: The Threat. The game gives you a possibility to explore the void, buy and sell goods for a profit, and battle enemies. With its open-ended gameplay and emphasis on trading and exploration, X3 will most likely appeal to fans of the series, though if you were looking forward to a strong single-player story or campaign, then you'll most likely be disappointed. X3: Reunion for PC game reviews & Metacritic score: X3: Reunion immerses the player into the most realistic, living universe, ever experienced. X3's single-player storyline doesn't hold your hand; rather, it exists for you to stumble upon it every now and then. X3: Reunion is simply stunning to look at, occasionally it's almost breath taking. 1st of all, imagine this for me: You are in a vast, beautifully rendered universe. Genre and what to do: Space Simulation. If you're just looking for storyline order, it would be X3: Reunion, X3:TC,X3:AP,X: Rebirth, if you don't care about the "Plot" in the games, then for learning basics of X3, I would start with Terran Conflict, the Training missions or "tutorials" *cough* are much better than Reunion. X3: Reunion Review X3 features more of the open-ended space exploration and trading of the earlier games, and it has a gorgeous graphics engine; just don't expect a riveting story. Wonderful space game. X3: Reunion Review. and fails ? What comes next is a lot of flying around, exploring sectors and charting where their jumpgates lead, and then exploring those sectors and finding out where those jumpgates lead. Review by Oliver Clare, Contributor 6 November 2005. Concept X3 tries to improve ? Write a review. X3: Reunion Summary : The sequel to the space combat/trading game reconstructs the series with a gameplay and graphics to deliver a more immersive, living universe. How are ratings calculated? X3 reunion is the 3rd installment of the X series based on the Space Shooter concept. placed into a comfortable niche and then forgotten. and acknowledge the data practices in our By Nicholas Bale (Jul 21, 2006) There's some concession to Newtonian physics, as you can turn your ship around and watch momentum carry you in the direction you were originally following for a few seconds. Thread Index Search Forums Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. The demand for a particular X3 Reunion Ships is a good indication of its ability to perform the functions for which it was designed. The learning curve may be as steep as Everest, but stick through it and you'll find an involving game in X3. There are the occasional diversions, such as a blackjack game that you can play while docked, but even that happens while you're strapped to the cockpit of your ship. It's so good that even docking or doing a slow flyby past a station is a treat. You'll spend more time exploring and trading. X3: Reunion picks up where X2 left off, with the insectoid Kha'ak determined to sod up the universe for anything without a carapace. Save game time 30 hours, Real life time spent 40+ easy. PC REVIEW: X3 REUNION. The game play must be excellent for trading but it doesn't really seem to work for combat though The X3: reunion is here with lots of new features and futuristic visual effects. Extensive development has gone into … From there, you can try to follow the plot and see where it leads you, or you can just go off on your own and explore the many different sectors of the known universe, or both. Its basic premise is something that will appeal to some people a lot, and to some people none. X3: Reunion is the third installment of the action and trading simulation, X. X3: Reunion adds an expanded universe, more than 200 new models, an upgraded graphics engine, and an improved trading system that lets you leverage more advanced economic concepts such as the elasticity of demand. by ENLIGHT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Great. That is, Privateer taken to its logical extreme. The economy of X³: Reunion is more complex than anything seen in the X-universe before. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY.