Join the RHS today and support our charitable work, Keep track of your plants with reminders & care tips – all to help you grow successfully, For the latest on RHS Shows in 2020 and 2021, read more, RHS members get free access to RHS Gardens, Free entry to RHS members at selected times », Reduced prices on RHS Garden courses and workshops, General enquiries 0.5-1 metres, Ultimate spread Silver Magic. A New Zealand native plant which is an easy to grow compact dome shaped evergreen shrub with a dense habit and striking grey- green foliage with white margins. In late spring and early summer, Pittosporumsare ideally planted in fertile, well drained soil in a border or as a low hedge. Pittosporum Silver Ball, also known as Kohuhu. Silverball is an easy care, compact tidy, formal shrub. The silver-green foliage is great for structure in contemporary and native gardens. Native. Protect from frost and winds. The Royal Horticultural Society is the UK’s leading gardening charity. Botanical Name: Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Silver Magic’ Height / Spread: 8-12 feet with … Pittosporum tenuifolium . ‘Golden Ball’ is ideal for small spaces and low hedges as well as in … Pittosporum Silver Ball responds well to trimming and can easily be shaped, thrives in a border or patio container. Excellent for ordinary use in appropriate conditions. Silver Ball' is a compact, rounded, evergreen shrub with dark stems bearing oval, glossy, grey-green leaves, creamy-white at the margins and, in late spring and early summer, small, fragrant, purple-brown flowers followed by dark grey seed capsules. Alternatively, pair with ornamental grasses or other foliage plants such as choisya. Dwarf Pittosporum . Mix balls with anything! With its natural globular shape, and suitability for topiary, 'Silver Ball' is a possible alternative to Buxus balls. RHS members can get exclusive individual advice from the RHS Gardening Advice team. Trims very well into spheres or a tight low hedge. Looks fabulous group planted or makes a natural topiary specimen … Details Pittosporaceae, Genus Easy to grow in fertile, moist but well-drained soil. Minimum temperature ranges (in degrees C) are shown in brackets, Aspect South-facing or East-facing or West-facing, MoistureMoist but well-drained, Well-drained, Ultimate height Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Silver Ball' (Pittosporum 'Silver Ball') will reach a height of 0.8m and a spread of 0.8m after 10-20 years. Out of stock. 'Little Burger' has fresh green foliage all year round and grows in a natural rounded ball shape. May need protection in colder climes especially from cold, drying winds, Propagation It’s ideal for growing against a south-facing wall or as a display in its own right in a gravel garden or container. They are grown for their glossy green foliage, bearing oblong-ovate, wavy-edged leaves. Pittosporum Golf Ball pbrlogov2-50x50 (Pittosporum tenuifolium) is a small vigorous growing Pittosporum that does not need any real pruning to maintain it's shape and size. It is included in an evolving list of plants carefully researched and chosen by RHS experts. Pittosporum Golf Ball has bright mint-green glossy leaves with small, inconspicuous chocolate-purple flowers in late spring/early summer. Pittosporums can be used as excellent stand alone feature plants, hedges, screens, windbreaks, shrubberies or topiary specimens. Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Golf Ball’ is a compact shrub with a rounded shape, and bears small, pale green leaves. You'll love this versatile little plant which forms a dense rounded ball of shimmering silver green foliage that seldom needs clipping. Also sometimes called mock orange, Pittosporum is an evergreen shrub that can grow up to 15 feet tall, the dense leaves and attractive white flowers are an excellent feature to a garden.